Berezdov is a village in the Slavuta district of Khmelnitsky region.(1897:Volhynia gubernia)

In the XVI-XVIII centuries it was a Lutsk povit of Volyn province. Since 1793 – part of Russia Empire. In the XIX – early XX century Berezdovo (other
titles is Berestov) was a mestechko of Novograd-Volynskiy yezd, Volyn province. Population in 2000 was 1437 persons.


The earliest known Jewish community exist there in XVII century. In 1618, Krim Tartar abducted local residents.

In 1765 there were 49 Jewish houses, in 1784 – 33, in 1787 – 29. From the middle of XIX rabbi was Avrom Stepansky, from 1880 rabbi was his son Chaim Stepansky (1854 -?).

I didn’t find information about events in Berezdov during Revolution and Civil War.

Berezdov enterpreneurs 1914
Berezdov enterpreneurs 1914

During the NEP trade and crafts have revived in Berezdov, dozens of private shops appeared on market square. Artisans were mainly Jews, they made ​​clothes and shoes ​​from customer’s material, traded their wares. They were called artisans (Berko Schuster, Schuster Usher, Kopytman Ale, Kopytman Hershko, Kipervas Jankel). Owners of retail stores also had patents. They were called Nepmans. Nepmen were denied vote rights, their children were not allowed to study at colleges and universities. There were private carters, called balahuly (Brenet Suhar, Feldman Keyftsya). In 1927-28 years began to organize artisan artels. The first was established guild of tailors, the head was Kopytman Wolf. There were working about 20 people. Earlier in Berezdov was launched the consumer cooperatives.