Krasnostav is a small village in Slavuta district of Kmelnitskiy region.

Population in the beginning of XXI century is only 535 person. But before Revolution it was a mestechko (shtetl) of Berezdov district, most population were a jews.

In Ukraine exist 3 villages with same names (in Zhitomir, Chernihiskiy and Volinskiy regions) but they didn’t have such big Jewish population as this village.
Don’t miss this Krasnostav with city in Lublin voevodstvo in Poland – Krasnystav.


Hlapotin (it was initial name of current Krasnostav) mentioned in first time in 1386.
Krasnostav became a city at June 2, 1573. So we can assume that first Jews appear here in XVI century.
City get Magdeburg rights in 1616. In the beginning of XVII century there were 399 houses (now only 177).

Krasnostav entrepreneurs in 1914
Krasnostav entrepreneurs in 1914

According to census of 1897 there were lived 1222 Jews (55% of total population). In the list of entrepreneurs for 1914 most names are jewish. Before revolution there lived ~250 Jewish families.

More detail info about Jewish life in Krasnostav in the beginning of XX century you can find in book “Deep in the Russian Night” by Aaron Chazan. In that time Rabbi was Moshe Hacohen Rappaport. Next Rabbi was his son-in-law Mordechai Chazan.