Shtetls of Kiev Gubernia

Below is the map with 88 settlements which has more that 1000 of Jewish popualtion according to 1897 census in Kiev Gubernia.

Part of them were city but most was “classic” shtetl. More details and naming variants you can find below the map.

Some names was changes and some shtetls disappeared but on the map mentioned real Pre-Revolution name.

Hostoml (Polish), Hostomla, Ostomla (Alternative Name), Гостомель – Gostomel, Gostomel’ (Russian), Гостомель – Hostomel, Hostomel’ (Ukrainian), Остромир – Ostromir, Ostromyr (Formerly)
916 Jews( 46% of total population)

Anatovka (Yiddish Transliteration), Гнатівка – Hnativka (Ukrainian), Игнатовка – Ignatovka (Russian), אנטבקה (Yiddish)
926 Jews( 85% of total population)

953 Jews( 21% of total population)

Dimer (Yiddish Transliteration), Dymir (Polish), Димер – Dymer (Ukrainian), Дымер – Dymer, Dimer (Russian), דימער (Yiddish)
984 Jews( 31% of total population)