סודילקאוו (Hebrew), Судилків (Ukrainian), Судилков (Russian), Sudyłków (Polish)

Much of information for this article was taken from Max Grossman’s personal website.

Sudilkov is a village located in the Shepetovka district of Khmelnitski (former Kamenets-Podolski) region. The village’s population is estimated at 5,277 (as of 2007). Sudilkov is approx. 34 km from Polonne and in 280 km from Kiev.

In the beginning of the XX century Sudilkov was located about 6 km from Shepetovka but is now a suburb of Shepetovka.

The population of Sudilkov has not changed in the XX century due to the extermination of the Jewish population and natural growth within Ukrainian population.

The town became a part of the Russia Empire in 1793 after the third Partition of Poland.

Before the Revolution it was a shtetl of the Zaslav yezd, Volyn guberniya.


Sudilkov was first mentioned in Polish documents in 1543, as a village.

The army of Bogdan Khmelnitsky passed through Sudilkov in 1654. It can be assumed that the first Jewish community was destroyed during this year.

Tomb of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim of Sudilkov in Medzhibozh