Berezna is a town in Chernigov oblast, Ukraine. Population in 2011 was 4902 persons.


There were no Jews in the town at the beginning of the 19th century.

In 1847 the Jewish community of Berezna had 292 men and 252 women. In 1897, the population of the town numbered 9,922 of whom 1,357 were Jews. The Orthodox Christian population number 8,500.

In Russian Empire Business Directories by 1903 mentioned next Jewish enterpreneurs: – Butovskiy Samuil Izrailev (grocery) – Zalmanzon Izrail Aronov (grocery) – Magilner Toiba Shlemovna (haberdashery) – Poritskiy Todres Leibov(grain)

In the end of XIX century local Rabbi were David Arie Bakalieshchik and Shmuel Waltchek.

Shneur-Zalman Gorelik (1880-1974) was Berezna Rabbi from 1901 till 1926. After this he became a rabbi in Snovsk.

Jewish population of Berezna:
1847 – 544 jews
1897 – 1357 (13%)
1939 – 211
2014 – 0

After publication of the October Manifesto in 1905, there were progroms on 22, 23 and 24 October. There were no deaths but 10 Jews were wounded and 200 Jewish families robbered. [The October Manifesto issued by Tsar Nicholas promising democratic reforms was opposed by reactionary forces who unleashed their anger on Jews. Translator’s note]

Common grave in Ortodox cemetery