Dubowa (Polish), Дубова, Dubova (Russian), דבובה (Yiddish) or Dubove(before Revolution)

Dubova is a village in Uman district of Cherkassy district. Population is 589 persons according to 2001 census. Before Revolution it was a shtetl of Kiev Guberniya. The emblem of Dubova depicts a cross, oak and a Star of David in memory of the once numerous Jewish population.


Jews lived in Dubova from the 16th century.

Jewish population of Dubova:
1863 – 770 (27%)
1897 – 1104 jews
1917 – 1115 jews

In 1863, the population consisted of 2,783 people, among whom were 2,555 Orthodox Christians and 770 Jews, as well as six Free Churchmen.

By the 1897 census, the Jewish community had increased to 1,104 people. There was a Jewish savings and loan association in town and two synagogues operated. The centre of the Chernobyl Hasidic branch was situated in Dubova. The Jews were engaged in trade and crafts, with about 170 Jewish families involved in the milling and selling of flour. There were no pogroms in 1905.

Dubova enterpreneurs in 1913:

Before WWI in Dubova lived 1110 Jews and 3500 Christians. There were 150 houses and 50 stores, 2 mills, 2 churns, carbonated water plant etc. S & L savings club was founded in 1912. Only 10% of Jews were craftsman, others were working in trade.

Jewish victims of porgom in Dubova. From book of Ostrovskiy Z.S.