Dinovitz (Yiddish), Дунаевцы – Dunaevtsy (Russian), Дунаївці (Ukrainian)

Dunaevtsy is the capital city of Dunaevtsy Region, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine. The city is located on the river Ternavka, 22 km from the Dunaevtsy railway station and 68 km from the town of Khmelnytsky. As of 2001, the population of Dunaevtsy was 16,448 (2001).


Jewsh community of Dunaevtsy need help!

At the World War II, the old Jewish cemetery in Dunaevtsy was damaged. The stones have been taken off from the graves and used for pavements and roads. Some of these stones were found during the reconstruction of the town and brought to the local Jewish community and then to the Jewish cemetery. They are there in the grass now.

Jewish community of the town of Dunaevtsy, Khmelnitsky region appeals to those who are not indifferent to the memory of our ancestors. We need your help in building “The Wall of Grave” at the Jewish cemetery. We would like to build it from those gravestones that have been found in the town. We will appreciate any help you can offer. We need to collect $600 to build this memorial.

A burial of 19 young Jews killed by the Nazis in 1942