Dimer (Yiddish Transliteration), Dymir (Polish), Димер – Dymer (Ukrainian), Дымер – Dymer, Dimer (Russian), דימער (Yiddish)

Dymer is a historic town located in Kiev region. The town’s estimated population is 5,817 (as of 2001).

Dymer became a part of Russia Empire in 1793, in XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Kiev Yezd of Kiev Gubernia.

Dymer is approx. 32 km from Kiev and in 93 km from Chernobyl.


Over the course of several centuries several ethnic groups co-existed on the abundant soil of Dymer. The Jews lived in Dymer since the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth rule.

In the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries the Jews were mostly engaged in handicrafts and trade.

The Jewish population of Dymer was 273 in 1847.

According to the outstanding local historian Lavrentiy Pokhylevych, 1,773 Orthodox Christians of both genders and 624 Jews lived here in 1887.

From 1906 Itzkhak Klodnitskiy (1886 – ?) was the rabbi of Dymer.

Last old house in the former Jewish neighborhood of Dymer
Last old house in the former Jewish neighborhood of Dymer

By the end of XIX century the town had acquired a bleaching plant which belonged to Eil Aronovych Rubinshtein, and in 1912 a Jewish loans and savings society operated in Dymer.