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Djurin (Polish, Yiddish & Hebrew), Джурин (Ukrainian), Джурин – Dzhurin (Russian)

Dzhurin (old names Churylov, Churintsy, Dzhurilov) – village in Shargorod region, Vinnytsia oblast, before 1923 it was a shtetl of Yampol yezd, Podolsk province. The population is 3734 people (in 2001).


Churylov settlement was first mentioned in documents in the XV century. Same settlement mentioned in royal charter of 1547. Apparently in those days it was protected by a fortified castle. In the XVIII century Dzhurin belonged to Potocki magnates. In 1767 Dzhurin get urban rights and privileges to conduct monthly fair.

Dzhurin entrepreneurs in 1913
Dzhurin entrepreneurs in 1913

In 1765 there were 35 Jewish houses, where lived 84 people, all were assigned to the community of Murafa. According to the 1775 census in in the town were Jews: 65 men, 69 women, 14 boys, 10 girls and 2 servants. Dzhurin Rabbi at that time was Leib Faybishovich.

In 1852, there were 26 jews-artisans selling their products for 350 rubles in a year. In 1853there were one synagogue and “prayer school” (1004 parishioners), rabbi was Meir Gleyts. In 1863 province superiors tried to close one of them, they tried to fulfill the law that limiting the number of synagogues and (no more than one “Jewish prayer schools” for each 30 Jewish homes, and no more than one synagogue for each 80 homes).