Germanovka is a village located in Obuhov district of Kiev. Germanovka is located on the Krasna River. The city’s estimated population is 1,667 (as of 2001).

Before the Revolution it was a shtetl of Vasilkov yezd, Kiev guberniya.

Germanovka is approx. 62km south of Kiev.


While it is thought that Germanovka’s first Jewish community was established in the 17th century and suffered under the Khmelnytskyi pogroms, there is no data available to confirm this. The Jewish community re-appeared in the middle of the XIX century when Germanovka became an important trading centre. A synagogue was built in 1849. In pinkos dating back to 1848, a pogrom of 1881 is recorded.

In 1864, the Jewish community of Germanovka numbered 442. In 1891, this number grew to 895. In 1897, the total population of Germanovka was 3,628, and there were 1,049 Jews among them. By 1900, there were 1,352 Jews in the town.

Jewish population of Germanovka:
1861 — 422 jews
1897 — 1049 (30%)
1919 — 866 jews
1950’s ~ 15
2015 – 1 jew

By 1900, there were 1,352 Jews in the town.

Between 1908 and 1913 the town had two synagogues, a Talmud-Torah and three cheders. Local resident A.N. Shafarenko said that there were three synagogues in the town at the beginning of the XX century:
– one of them was on the site of the present meat and milk market hall
– the second one was were the village hall now stands
– the third was situated near the cemetery on the territory of Shafarenko’s farmstead.

List of Germanovka entrepreneurs in 1913