Gusiatyn, Gusatin, Usiatyn, Gusyatin (Russian), Husiatin (Yiddish), Husiatyń (Polish), Гусятин – Gusiatin (Russian), Гусятин – Husiatyn (Ukrainian).

Most information was taked from Jewishgen website.

Husiatyn is a town in the Ternopil Oblast of Western Ukraine. Husiatyn is the administrative center of the Husiatyn Raion (district), and is located on the west bank of the Zbruch River. This river formed the old boundary between Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire (1792-1918) and between Poland and the Soviet Union during the inter-war period of the twentieth century.


The history of the Jewish community in Gusyatin spans more than 500 years from its early origins as a farm in the sixteenth century. The community reached its peak in the late 1800s, when Gusyatin was both a thriving commercial center and one of the most important Hassidic centers in Galicia. Sadly, the golden age did not last for long. Gusyatin was heavily damaged during World War I, then destroyed during World War II.

Husyatin, 1880's. Picture by Napoleon Orda. Photo taken from <a href="" srcset=
relig_tourism” width=”561″ height=”400″> Husyatin, 1880’s. Picture by Napoleon Orda. Photo taken from relig_tourism

Violet circle – Old Synagogue which is standing near ruins of catle and obviously formed a common defence object
Green circle – Castle gate
Red circle – remains of castle’s wall
Mordehai Fridman baught ruins of Husyatin castle’s in 1870’s and build his palace (Blue circle)