Most information about Justingrad was taken from book “Sokolievka/Justingrad: A Century of Struggle and Suffering in a Ukrainian Shtetl”, New York 1983.
You can download a text version from Jewishgen or pfd version from my Google Docs.

Another book is “Descendants of Candle Maker Kaprove”, Philadelphia, Dorrance 1969

סוקוליבקה ,יוסטינגרד (Yiddish), Justingrad (Formerly called), Justynhrad, Yustingrod (Polish), Загайполь(Russian), Zagaipol, Sokolivka, Юстiнград (Ukrainian)

Justingrad is a Jewish shtetl which was completely destroyed in the XX century. Now it is a part of a small Sokolivka village in the Zhashkiv district, Cherkassy region. Current population of Sokolivka is less than 1290 people.

Justingrad was approx. 28 km from Zhashkov and in 42 km from Uman.

Justingrad was founded in 1825, in the XIX – beginning of the XX century as a shtetl of Lipovets Uyezd of Kiev Gubernia. Sokolivka is a village on the opposite side of the river and formed a part of the Uman Uyezd.


Jewish population of Justin:

Justingrad on the map, 1846