Kadlubitsa is a former Jewish colony, now it is a part of Fastov, Kiev region. Before Revolution it was a Jewish agricultural colony in Vasilkov district, Kiev province. Since 1925, it’s been Kadlubitsa Jewish National village council of Fastov district, Belaya-Tserkov region.

Information for this article was collected with the help of Fastov local historian Vladimir Dorosenko.


Kadlubitsa was founded in 1850 as an agricultural colony by Jews from Fastov. According to a local legend, the name ‘Kadlubitsa’ comes from the word ‘kadosh’ (Hebrew – sacred).

There were 29 households, 434 residents (207 men and 227 women) in 1900. Their main occupation was grain production. Some local Jews were engaged in trade and reselling goods, visiting fairs at nearby villages and towns.

Jewish family Sheynis, Kadlubitsya Jewish colony, 1914
Jewish family Sheynis, Kadlubitsa Jewish colony, 1914

Jewish population of Kadlubitsa:
1859 – 430 Jews
1896 – 826 Jews
1906 – 510 Jews
1931 – 515 Jews
1960’s ~ 50 Jews
2016 – 1 Jews

In total, the colony had nearly 1,047 acres of arable land, which was owned by the local “colonists’ society”.