Khorol is a town in Poltava region, the centre of Khorol district. Its population is 14,643 according to the 2001 census.

In the early XX century it was a center of Khorol uyezd (district), Poltava province.


Jews probably first settled in Khorol at the beginning of the XVII century but in 1648 during the Chmelnitsky uprising the local Jewish community was apparently annihilated.

Jews settled in Khorol againl in the early XIX century.

Map of Khorol from the middle of XIX century
Map of Khorol from the middle of XIX century

According to archival data, in 1800, 44 Jewish peasants lived in the town. The revision in 1847 showed that there was a “Khorol Jewish Society” containing 78 people in the region.

Jewish population of Khorol:
1897 – 2,056 (25% of total)
1926 – 2,089 (19,7%),
1939 – 701 (6.4%)
2016 ~ 10 Jews

According to the 1897 census, more than 173,000 residents lived in the region. Among them there were about four thousand Jews including 2,056 Jews from Khorol (25% of the total population).

In 1910, there were four Jewish colleges in Khorol, one private mens college, two private women and a co-educational one.

Two synagogues were functioning in the town. These buildings haven’t been preserved.