Kilikiev is a village in the Slavuta district of Khmelnitsky region.

Since 1793 – in Russia Empire. In XIX – beginning XX century – mestechko Ostrozhskiy yezd of Volyn gubernia. Population in the beginning of XXI century – 863 persons.

Kilikiev mentioned in archiv as a city at first time in 1596. The earliest known Jewish community was XVII century.

In the end of XIX century there was a synagogue and Jewish cemetery.

Enterpreneurs in Kilikiev at 1914

At the beginning of XX century Jews built the mill with a steam engine, which grind grain not only
for locals but also people from surrounding villages. Bath was built in the center of the village (now
Pershotravneva Str.) In 1914 all 3 grocery store belong to Jews.

I didn’t find information about events in Kilikiev during Revolution and Civil War. Find only one
document in JDC archiv here.

After 1920 Soviets allocated for 2 hectares of land to poor Jewish families. Trade and crafts revived in the towm during NEP. In 1923, people massively applied to authorities on return of houses confiscated from Jews after Revolution. Jewish religion community “Kloyz” was founded at 05 May 1924. Head of the community was elected 69-year old poor man Rudik Leybysh Osipovich. At that same year local synagogue “Bethamedrash” was repaired.