Konotop is a city in northern Ukraine within the Sumy Oblast.
Before Revolution, it was a center of Konotop Uezd, Chernigov gubernia.
Most information for this website was taken from 3 books which were published in 2000’s and provided by Emilia Ayzenshtat – Head of Konotop Jewish community.
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At the beginning of the 19th century, only about 80 Jews lived in Konotop, but by 1847 the number had grown to 521.
Jewish life in the town during the 19th century is described in memoirs by Pauline Wengerof, who lived there for some years. The numbers increased considerably during the second half of the 19th century as a result of the movement of Jews from the northwestern provinces of the *Pale of Settlement to the southeastern ones, reaching 4,426 (23.5% of the total population) in 1897.

Marketplace in Konotop. PreRevolution photo
Marketplace in Konotop. PreRevolution photo

In 1892 there was Jewish Hospital. From the 1880 rabbi was Arie-Leib Gaft.
Konotop businessmans in 1903:

In the end of XIX – beginning XX century there were 3 synagogues and 3 heders (for 13 boys), Talmud-Tora (for 50 boys) and Jewish school for woman (25 girls). In 1913 there was mutual aid society.