Korop is a historic town located in the Chernihiv region in the north of Ukraine and is the center of the Korop district. Korop is located on the Desna River. The town’s estimated population is 5,600 (as of 2005).

Korop became a part of the Russian Empire in 1667, and in 1796 it was a shtetl in Krolevets Yezd of Malorossia Gubernia and further Chernigov Gubernia.

In 1862, there were 218 Jews living in Korop, reaching to over a thousand by 1920, although this figure dropped slightly in the subsequent decade with the Jewish population of 787 in 1926, accounting for some 12% of all Korop residents.
Jewish population of Korop:
1865 – 255
1897 – 873 (13,9%)
1910 – 1102
1920 – 1014
1926 – 787 (12,1%)
1939 – 350 (5,6%).

In the late 18th century, Korop was the centre of the tanning industry in the region, which employed mostly Jewish workers. Of the 119 trade enterprises in Korop, over half were owned by Jews.

In 1862, there was a wooden synagogue in Korop, and another stone-bulit one by 1886. In 1894, Jacob-Joel Sorkin (1850 -?) was appointed rabbi.

The business directory from 1903 lists several names of Jewish entrepreneurs from Korop:
Grocery stores: Korabelnikov Aaron Zalmanovich and Mitelman Motiy Shlemovich
Haberdashery: Zaitsev Mordehai Berkovich and Khotimskiy Nohim Nisonovich
Fish and kerosine: Ratner Sim. Evseevich
Leather: Rogovaya Chernya Leibovna
Household goods: Volovich Leya Pinhusovna, Polunovkiy Uda Mordkovich and Urevetskiy Vulf Abramovich

Building of the synagogue in Korop