Most of information obtained for this article was presented by Oksana Tolkachova from the Korukovka historical museum.

Korukovka is a historic city located in Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine, and is the center of Korukovka district. It was founded in 1657. Korukovka is located on the Brech River, a tributary of the Snov. The city’s estimated population is 14,805 (as of 2005).

In XIX – beginning of XX century it belonged to Sosnitsya Yezd of Chernigov Gubernia.

Judging by what we know of Jewish settlement in Sosnitsya Yezd, we can surmise that Jews first appeared in Korukovka at the beginning of XIX century.

In 1887 the local sugar factory was bought by Lazar Brodskiy. Brodskiy was famous for his philanthropy. In 1896 he funded the construction of a school and from 1902-1904 a hospital as well as housing for the workers of his factory.

Building of Brodskiy Hospital 1902
Building of Brodskiy Hospital 1902

Jews lived in different areas of Korukovka but most of them were concentrated on Sovetskaya Str. In the beginning of XX century there were approximately 22 Jewsih families (Aptermani, Haykіni, Bulavіni, Tumarkіni, Grachova, Merhelі, Ochkovskі, Radіchі and others)