Ківшовата – Kivshovata (Ukrainian), Ковшеватое – Kovshevatoe (Russian)

Kovshevatoe is a historic village located in Kiev region of central Ukraine. The village’s estimated population is 2,400 (as of 2001).

In XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Tarasha Yezd of Kiev Gubernia.


The village was founded in the 1560s by a Polish noble called Chernysh. The first official written evidence dates from the 31st of May 1571 when King Sigismund Augustus confirmed the property rights for “the village Chernyshky called Kovshovatitse” to a boyar (Slav nobility)Tymofiy Tyshkovych from Bila Tserkva.

It was a part of Rzeczpospolita (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795) until the XVIII century when in 1793 it became a part of the Russian Empire.

During the war of liberation headed by Bohdan Khmelnitskiy Kivshovate passed from one owner to another several times.

We can assume that the Jewish community at that time was completely destroyed.

Jewish population of Kovshevatoe:
1765 – 47 Jews
1788 – 117 Jews
1897 – 1265 ( 22%)
1926 – 311 Jews
1950’s ~ 20 Jews
2016 – 0

Kovshevatoe in the beginning of XX century