Krasnoe is a historic village located in Tyvrov district of Vinnitsya region. Krasnoe is located on the Krasnyanka River, a tributary of the Southern Bug. The village’s estimated population is 1,110 (as of 2001).

Krasnoe became a part of Russia Empire in 1793, in XIX – beginning of XX century it was shtetl of Yampol Yezd of Podolia Gubernia.


The Jewish community was first mentioned in the town of Krasnoe in 1605. The area where Krasnoe Jews settled was the older part of the town. During Khmelnytsky Uprising (the Cossack-Polish insurgency in 1648-1654 under the command of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky) the Jewish population in Krasnoe was completely decimated by Khmelnytsky’s Cossack military units.

Some celebration in the main market square of Krasnoe in 1923
Some celebration in the main market square of Krasnoe in 1923

In the first half of the XVIII century, when a revival of the Jewish communities began in Bratslav area, Jewish colonists migrated from different areas to revive the community of Krasnoe. They gradually re-populated the center of the old town. Overcrowded, densely built dwellings of local Jews encircled the market square. The houses were built out of local timber and stone, with storage and workshop space on the ground and basement level. What was interesting is that the basements of the houses located on main trade streets were quite spacious and joined by means of underground passages. Some of these passages formed ‘underground streets’ leading into the remains of the old castle basements. Some houses had terraces where the owners could enjoy the sunshine on fine days. All houses had spacious Italianate or gable tiled roofs with an ornate fron door and a side service entrance.