Zarichanka (Liantskorun by 1947), is a village in Chemerovtsy district of the Khmelnitskiy region. The village is located on the river Zhvanchik and the tributary Letavka.

In 1793 it was incoperated into the Russian Empire. By the late XIX – early XX century it was a shtetl in Kamenets district of Podolye province. In 1923-1928 it was a district center. According to the census of 2001 its population was 892 people.

In 2000 a local resident Ruslan Kozak (born in 1979) tried to write down the history of Liantskorun while he was studying in Kamenets-Podolskiy University. A lot of facts about the life of Jews from Zarechanka were mentioned in his work.


The name Liantskorun appeared in the first half of the XVIII century when the family Liantskoronskiy owned the village and managed to elevate it to the status of a town and eventually organize fairs in it.

The Jewish community of Zarechanka was formed in the XVI century. The Jews who were almost completely eliminated during the Bohdan Khmelnitskiy uprising started to repopulate Ukrainian lands only after 1667 when the Truce of Andrusovo had been signed.

Liantskorun entrepreneurs list from Russian Empire Business Directories by 1913