Lysianka is district center in Cherkassy region, Ukraine. The city’s estimated population is 8,161 (as of 2001).
In the XIX – early XX centuries, it was a shtetl in Zvenigorodka district of Kiev province.


Jews appeared in Lysianka in XVII century.
In 1702, The Haydamaky rebels killed almost all the Jews in Lysianka. The Jewish population of Lysianka suffered a lot in 1768 during the period “Koliyivshchyna”.

Burials in the Jewish cemetery which date back to 1761 prove the existence of Jews in Lysianka in the XVIII century.

By 1867 there were three synagogues in Lysianka and in the 1890s there was a Jewish almshouse. In the 1890s Mordko Teplichnyy was a rabbi, in 1895 Mordko Weitburd was rabbi’s assistant. In 1907 Moyshe Weiserman was the rabbi in Lysianka and in 1914 his role was filled by Meyer-Aron Berkvich Pribysh.

Lisyanka entrepreneurs list from Russian Empire Business Directories by 1913
Lisyanka entrepreneurs list from Russian Empire Business Directories by 1913

In 1882, the Jewish community of Lysianka sent a petition about the opening of a Jewish primary college (gymnasium) in Lysianka. The peasants wrote that the Jewish community had been paying candle-taxes but it financed the college in Zvenigorodka. It was very inconvenient to send children there to study. Kiev authorities refused.
In 1900, Yosel Aronovych asked the regional council for permission to open a private Jewish college but he was denied. Before this he had gotten permission to open the same type of college in Bila Tserkva. Yosel began to teach children unofficially in Shlioma Kurzhnir’s house but the police found out and stopped the lessons.