Mlinov (Yiddish), Mlinuv (German), Młynów, Mlinuze (Polish), Mlynure, Млинів – Mlyniv (Ukrainian), Млинов – Mlinov (Russian)

Mlinov is a small town (since 1959), the regional center in Rivne region.

It was founded in the XVI century; in the XVI-XVIII centuries – Volyn province of the Commonwealth. Since 1795 – the part of the Russian Empire. In the XIX – early XX century – shtetl in Dubno district of Volyn province. In 1919-1939 – Volyn province of Poland, in 1939-1991 – part of the USSR.


I haven’t find information about first Jews in Mlinov. In 1867 there was a synagogue. The main occupation of the Jewish population in the XIX – early XX century – trade and craft.

Jewish population of Mlinov:
1847 – 209 jews
1897 – 672 (60,8%)
1921 – 615 (49%)
1931 ~ 900 jews
1941 – 731 jews

In Mlinov died Aaron Perlov (1802-1872) – Tzadik of Karlin-Stolin dynasty. His tomb on local Jewish cemetery became a place of pilgrimage for hasidim.

In 1914 Mlinov’s Jews owned two pharmacies, 10 stores (including 5 manufactories, 4 grocers), the only dentist was Jew. In 1915 Jews were deported from Mlinov for 2 hours (due to proximity of WWI fighting), the remaining Jew’s assets were looted by peasants and soldiers.
In 1918 some Jews returned to Mlinov and Jewish self-defense detachment was created (70 persons).

Bussinesmans in Mlinov. From book Yellow pages by 1913