Naroditch (Yiddish), Народичи – Narodichi (Russian), Народичі – Narodychi (Ukrainian)

Narodichi is a district center in the Zhytomyr region. It is known from the XV century. In the XVI-XVIII centuries it was in the Ovruch uezd of Kiev province within the Commonwealth, which became a part of the Russian Empire in 1793.
In the XIX to early XX century, it was a shtetl in the Ovruch district of Volyn province.


The first mention of a Jewish community in Narodichi was in 1683. In 1875 the chief rabbi of Narodichi was Elia-Leib Juravel (1847 – ? ).
The main occupations of the Jewish population in XIX-early XX century were crafts and trade.
Jews owned the only pharmacy, the two bakeries, all 9 hotels, a mill and 44 shops in Narodichi. They also owned all 24 grocery shops, all 3 butcher shops, all 9 light industry shops and the only shoe store. The only one dentist in Narodichi was a Jew.

Famous Rabbis Vaisblat’s were born in Narodichi in XIX century:

In the late XIX century emigration of Jewish population to USA and another Western countries began.