Norinsk is a village in the Ovruch district, Zhitomir region (Ukraine), first recorded in 1545. In the XVI-XVIII centuries, it was a shtetl in the Ovruch district of the Volyn voivodship in the Commonwealth of Lithuania. In 1793, it became part of the Russian Empire and until early XX century, it remained a shtetl of Ovruch uezd in the Volyn gubernia.

According to the 2001 census, its population is 1,360 people.

Some information in this article was provided by Aleksandr Efman. He was born in Norinsk before the war and has been living in Ovruch since 1955.

Norinsk Jewish cemetery surrounded by peasants houses
Norinsk Jewish cemetery surrounded by peasants houses

In 1847, 566 Jews lived in Norinsk, in 1897, this number went up to 584 (34.7%), in 1923, to 329. Jews have been living in Norinsk since the XVIII century. The Jews of Norinsk were mainly engaged in different crafts, retail trade, and rent. In the XIX century, the local Jews took up such occupations as tailoring, shoemaking, and joinery.

In 1867, two synagogues were open in Norinsk. In 1883, Iyeshua-Falik Kipnis (1848 – ?) was a rabbi in Norinsk.

In 1911, Shmuel Kipnis was a rabbi.

In 1914, the local Jews owned all six grocery stores, all four hardware stores, and the only millstone shop in Norinsk. In 1918 – 1920, the Jewish population of Norinsk suffered from the pogroms carried out by various gangs. Some Jews left Norinsk.