Olevsk is a city in Zhytomyr region. It is the administrative center of Olevsk district. In 2001, population was 10,896.

In the XVI – XVIII centuries it was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Olevsk has been incorporated into the Russian Empire since 1793. In the XIX – early XX century it was a shtetl of Ovruch uyezd, Volyn gubernia.

Olevsk has been known since 1488. In 1641, it received the Magdeburg right.

Much more information about Holocaust and PreWWII Olevsk can be found in the book by L.Znakovskaya.


Jews in Olevsk were mentioned for the first time in 1704, as leaseholders of the town. In the second half of the eighteenth century there were between 21 and 32 Jewish houses in Olevsk; by the mid-nineteenth century (1867) the number of Jewish houses reached 106.

In that year the authorities counted in Olevsk one synagogue, officially permitted in 1854, and one prayer house, which existed without permission and was, therefore, ordered to close. Indeed, the order was probably carried out, since the Polish geographical dictionary mentioned only one synagogue in 1870.

Olevsk entrepreneurs list from Russian Empire Business Directories by 1913