Пирятин (Ukrainian), Пирятин – Piriatin (Russian)

Pyriatyn is a historic town located in Poltava region of central Ukraine, center of Piriatyn district. Piriatyn is located on the Udai River, a tributary of the Sula. The city’s estimated population is 16,146 (as of 2011).

In XIX – beginning of XX century it was center of Piriatyn Yezd of Poltava Gubernia.

Piryatin is approx. 44 km from Priluki, 150 km from Kiev and in 47 km from Lubny.


A Jewish community was first recorded in Pyriatyn at the start of the 17th centuryPyriatyn. At the time of ”Khmelnytchina”–a popular uprising led by Bogdan Kmelnitsky–, in 1648, the community was destroyed.
By the end of the 17th century the Jews settled in Pyriatyn again.

In 19th century rabbi Menakhem-Tuviya, the student of Tsemakh Tsedek, was the rabbi in Pyriatyn.

Jewish population of Piryatin:
1802 – 99 jews
1847 – 464 jews
1865 – 1377 (30,7%)
1897 – 3166 (39,4%)
1910 – 5692 jews
1926 – 3885 jews
1939 – 1747 (12,7%).
2015 ~ 50

In late XIX –XX centuries commercial trade and artisan crafts were the main Jewish occupations in Pyriatyn.
In 1855 there were 87 merchants of the 3rd guild and 302 among the Jews of Pyriatyn.

Railway in Piryatin