Репки – Repki (Russian), Ріпки (Ukrainian)

Repki is a historic town located in the Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine and the center of Repki district. The city’s estimated population is 7,458 (as of 2011).

Before the Revolution Repky was a mestechko of Gorodnta Uezd, Chernigov guberniya.

Jewish population of Repki:
1897 – 3049 (91,3%)
1939 – 79
2014 – 1

In 1873, there was a synagogue in Ripky. According to the 1897 census, the total population stood at 3,336, including 3,049 Jews.

The business directory of 1903 lists few names of Jewish entrepreneurs in Repky:
Grocery stores: Aleksandrov Hatsk. Gersh., Glukhovskiy Israil Avram.
Haberdashery: Zhezmer Mih. Zalm.

In 1905, pogroms took place in the town following the Manifesto of October 18.

The town Rabbi in the beginning of XX century was Shneur-Zalman Schneerson (? – 1928).

In 1912, a Jewish loans and savings society operated. In 1914, Jews owned both groceries, all three specialist stores and four drapery shops in Ripky.

There were a number of pogroms during the Civil War.

Metal obelisk on the railway station Gornostaevka. There were killed Jews of Dobryanka.