Schtschors (German), Snovsk (Formerly called), Snowska (Polish), Коржовка – Korzhovka (Formerly called), Щорс (Ukrainian), Щорс – Schors (Russian).

Schors is a historic town located in the Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine and is the center of the Schors district. Schors is located on the Snovsk River, a tributary of the Desna. The town’s estimated population is 11,471 (as of 2013).

Schors appeared after the building of the Libavo-Romen railway line in 1878. The location was convenient as the city was built around a major railyard. It was renamed to Snovsk in the end of XIX century. Snovsk get status of city in 1924. In 1935 the city was renamed to Schors in the honor of famous red army general of the Civil War, Nikolai Schors (1895 – 1919).


Jews first appeared in the city at the end of XIX century.

Jewish population of Schors:
1939 – 1402 (16%) Jews
1970’s ~ 200 Jews
2000’s ~ 90 Jews

The names of several Jewish individuals appear in the Gorodnaya yezhed enterpreneurs list published in 1903:
Nehlin Asriel Hertzov (drugstore), Pulner Mendel Leibovich (drugstore), Geselev Iosel Leibovich (grocery store), Golovchiner Sim.Boruh. (metal trade), Karasik Hatskel Froimovich (grocery store), Lubin Leiba Aaronov and Margolin Haya-Estra Tevel (haberdashery), Klebanov Morduh Nohimovich and Yankovskiy Akiva Samoilovich (timber store), Veinbalt Liba Avramovich and Shybich Mairim Davidovich(draper’s shop).

Snovsk before Revolution