Sokolets is a small village in Dunayivtsi district, Khmelnitskiy region. In 2001, 676 people lived in the village.
In the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Sokolets had been a shtetl of Podolia voivodship (district) by 1793. In the early XX century, it was a shtetl of Podolia district, Ushitsa uezd.
An abandoned part of the village is located in the bottom of the picturesque Ushitsa gorge.


Jews started to settle in Sokolets in the XVIII century. After the murder of local Jews during the Haidamak uprising (1768), the Jewish population of Sokolets dropped significantly.

Jewish population of Sokolets:
1765 – 356 Jews
1847 – 457 Jews
1897 – 747 (27% of total)
1926 – 616 Jews
1931 – 425 Jews

In 1765, there were 356 Jews in Sokolets and nearby villages.
In XVIII century Polish landowners Zakrevskiy, Pototskiy, Gumenetskiy owned the village in the valley. They were strengthening and developing Sokolets in every way. They built a stonewall around the village with the towers severing as guard. They also built a large Catholic church.
According to the 1847 audit, “Sokolets Jewish community” consisted of 457 people.

Mass grave of Jews from Sokolets and Velikiy Zhvanchik