Sosnica (Polish), Sosnitza (Yiddish), Sosnyzja (German), Сосница – Sosnitsa (Russian), Сосниця (Ukrainian)

Sosnitsa is a historic town located in the Chernihiv region of northern Ukraine and is the center of Sosnitsa district. Sosnitsa is located on the Ubid River, a tributary of the Desna. The city’s estimated population is 7,695 (as of 2014).

Sosnitsa became a part of Russia Empire in 1667, in XIX – beginning of XX century it was the center of Sosnitsa Yezd of Chernigov Gubernia.

In the 17th century, Sosnytsia, one of the oldest cities in the Chernihiv region, became a district center. During Khmelnitsky’s uprising, a total expulsion of Jews from Sosnytsia took place. The Jews returned to this area in the early 19th century, when Chernihiv province was included into the Pale of Settlement.

According to the census of 1847, the county had only one Jewish community, the one in Sosnytsia itself, comprising 1,210 people.

Jewish population of Sostitsya:
1847 – 1210 jews
1897 – 1842 (26%)
1939 – 370 jews
1995 ~ 20 jews
2008 – 6 jews

Yakov Blumkin