Talna, Tolne, טאלנא (Yiddish), Talne – Тальне – Tal’ne (Ukrainian), Talnoe – Тальное (Russian)

Talne is a city in Cherkasy Oblast (province) of Ukraine.


The Jews of Talne were mentioned for the first time in connection with Cossack pogroms when the local Jewish community was destroyed in 1768. In 1848, according to the census, the Jewish community of Talne consisted of 1,807 people, while in 1897, the Jewish population increased to 5,452 people (57%). In 1854, Rabbi David Tversky (1808—1882) arrived in the town, and the place became a centre for Hasidim.

In 1910, a Talmud Torah existed in Talne, as well as a private Jewish college for men, a synagogue and four other prayer houses. The Talmud Torah was opened in 1889, and 59 people studied there at the expense of the community. In 1912 – the number of pupils had reached about 100.

In 1912, the population of Talne included 3,810 Orthodox Christians, 40 Catholics and around 10,000 Jews.

The business directory of 1913 lists hundreds names of Jewish entrepreneurs in Talne:

Talne entrepreneurs list from Russian Empire Business Directories by 1913