Varshilovka (Yiddish), Vorosilovka (Dutch), Woroszylowka (Polish), Ворошилівка (Ukrainian), Ворошиловка – Voroshilovka (Russian)

Voroshilovka is a village located in Tivrov district of Vinnitsya region. It is located on the South Bug River. The village’s estimated population is 1247 (as of 2001). Voroshilovka is approx. 32 km from Vinnitsya and in 280 km from Kiev.

Before the Revolution it was a shtetl of Tivrov volost, Vinnitsky yezd, Podol guberniya.

This article was insipred by the writings of Michael Charnofsky who emigrated from Voroshilovka before World War I and wrote this charming book in 1960s.

Michael Charnofsky book
Michael Charnofsky book

The hard economic and political condition of this small Podolian Jewish shtetl in the beginning of XX century are described here very thoroughly. You can download it by this link.


Jewish population of Voroshilovka:
1765 – 116 jews
1787 – 189 jews
1847 – 1847 jews
1897 – 1592 (50%)
1923 – 977 jews
1926 – 1,079 jews
2012 – 0

Taking in account Jewish history of Podolia we can assume that Jews appeared in Voroshilovka at the end of XVI – beginning of XVII century.