Yagotin is a town in Kiev region, the center of Kiev district. It is situated on the river Supoy. According to the census of 2015, its population is 20,232 people.

Before the revolution Yagotin was a shtetl of Piriatin uyezd, Poltava province. In 1957, the village Lisniaki was incorperated into Yagotin. In the pre-revolutionary period a considerable number of Jews were living in this village. In 1910, there were 34 Jewish families; which was 85% of the whole population. That is why the statistics on the actual size of the Jewish population throughout the history of Yagotin has been quite inaccurate.

Some information for this article was taken from the interview of native of Yagotin Miron Manilov (1921-?) from centropa.org.


Yahotyn was founded in 1552. At the end of XVII – beginning of the XIX century, Yahotyn, which belonged to Kirill Razumovsky and his son, Aleksey Kirillovich, became a remarkable commercial and industrial centre (4 fairs annually, a trade in Crimean salt, sericulture and a hosiery factory). The Jewish community is thought to have been established during this period.

Gerdov's canteen, 2010's