Chervonianskaya was a Jewish colony located nine kilometers from Fastov, in Kiev region. Now it was a village called Krasnoye, Fastov district.
Before the Revolution it was a Jewish agricultural colony in Vasilkov uezd of Kiev gubernia.

It was founded in 1851 on state land. In 1898, there were 44 Jewish families, 312 people. The residents had 378 dessiatines (1,040 acres) of land.
The colony was destroyed during Denikin’s pogrom in 1919 but it was reestablished at the expense of AgroJoint (US funded) organization in the 1920’s.

Colonists from Chervonyanska work in the fields
Colonists from Chervonyanska work in the fields

Several typical houses based on a American project were built here. During my visit in 2016 only one of those houses was preserved in its original appearance.

I haven’t found any information about the Jews of Chervonianskaya colony after the 1920’s.

In 2016, the locals didn’t even know that their village used to be a Jewish colony.

Archive records

This information was collected by Fastov historian Vladimir Dorosenko.

This list of the Jewish families of Chervonianskaya colony by 1858 was find by Fastov local historian Vladinir Dorosenko in Kiev Archive:
(First name, patronymic, last name; Amount of people living in)
Usher Avrumovich Frangtsman (16), Moyshe David Altman (21), Srul Bir Blinder (15), Ios Alkunovich Slavinskiy (30), Srul Gershkovich Barash (31), Ios Borukhov Kagan (21), Ios Moshkovich Kagan (20),
Moyshe Aron Talskiy, mother Sheyna Esther Volkova age 68 (25), Avrym Ios Khait (16), Aba Volkovich Grinbarg (15), Yankel Aronovich Khirman (29), Avrum Chaimovich Khazan (9), Mikhil Leyzorov Kolomiyskiy (7), David Froimovich Matus (30), Avrum Ios Yaroslavskiy (21), Leyba Shulimovich Logovinskiy (13), Meyar Peysakhovich Kundel (8), Moshko Teteruk (12), Srul Ayzik Fastovskiy (13), Ayzyk Yankelovich Pavalotskiy (19), Borukh Yankelovich Mikhalzon (9), Moshko Volkovich Salganik (13)