Medvedovka (Yiddish Transliteration), Медведовка, Medvedovka (Russian)

Medvedovka is a village in Chigirin district, Cherkassy region.

In the XVI-XVII centuries it was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in the early XVII century it got Magdeburg Rights, and from 1793 it was incorporated into the Russian Empire.

In the XIX-early XX centuries it was a shtetl of Chigirin Uyezd, Kiev Gubernia.

In 1790 an 18-year-old rabbi, Rebbe Nachman and his family, settled in Medvedevka surrounded by numerous Hassidim. In 1798, he decided to visit Eretz HaKodesh,The Holy Land for the holidays of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Having sold all his belongings he gathered money for the road and on the 18th of Iyar, on Lag ba-Omer, he left Medvedevka together with one of his students.

Former center of shtetl
Former center of shtetl

The Rabbi’s family waited for him in the village until he returned in 1799, and in a year he moved to Zlatopol.

Jewish population of Medvedovka:
1808 – 350 Jews
1847 – 1305 Jews
1897 – 1453 (39% of total)
1926 – 48 Jews (in district)

In the XIX century, the main occupations of the Jewish population of Medvedovka were crafts (tailoring, shoemaking, saddlery, cooperage, and others) and small trade; fairs were organized in Medvedovka three times a year and markets were open twice a week. In the early 19th century, Jews owned several stalls: a wine cellar, a tavern, and a mill.