Orynin is a town of Kamenets-Podolskiy district. The town’s estimated population is 2664.

Orynin was first written about in 1474. Since 1569 it was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth In 1672-1699, it was under the power of the Ottoman Empire. Since 1793 it was incorporated into the Russian Empire. Since 1797 Orynin was a town of Kamenets-Podolskiy uyezd, Podolia gubernia.

Information for this article was taken from a book written by Beril Segal and Naum Bernstein. The head of Kamienets-Podolskiy community Aleksandr Shulyk originated from Orynin and Orynin historian Vladimir shared their memories.


Orynin is first mentioned in archival documents dating back from 1474.

A Jewish community in Orynin dates back to 1582. During the times of Khmelnitskiy uprising the shtetl was ruined, many Jews and Frankists left it, a lot of them were killed. All the books from Orynin synagogue including Talmud were confiscated and burnt under the instruction of Catholic bishop Dembovskiy.

Former Jewish shop in the center of Orynin, 2016
Former Jewish shop in the center of Orynin, 2016

In the XVIII century there were synagogues, charity organizations for the poor and ill, and chevra kaddisha in Orynin. The Jews worked in 65 craft workshops, at the tannery, which was built by the Jewish merchant Gutgerts. In 1863, four synagogues were functioning in Orynin, and in 1889 – five. In 1893-1916, an educational institution in Orynin was functioning at the expense of OPE.