Radomishel (Yiddish), Radomishl, Radomyszl, Radomyschl (German), Radomyshl’ (Ukrainian), Radomysl’ (Russian), Radomyśl (Polish)

Radomyshl is a historic city in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Radomyshl Raion (district), and is located on the left bank of Teteriv River, a right tributary of Dnieper River.

In 1897 Radomyshl was a city with large Jewish community – 7502 persons (69% of total population) which is one of the biggest in Kiev Gubernia after Berdichev (41617 Jews), Kiev (31801 Jews), Uman (17943 Jews), Belaya Tserkov (18720 Jews), Cherkassy (10950 Jews) and Skvira (8908).

Jewish places in Radomyshl:


Jews have lived in Radomyshl since XVI century. During the Khmelnytsky upraising was plunder and Jewish population exterminated. After this Jews began to settle in Radomyshl only in first part of XVIII century.

In 1750 Haidamak’s squad ransacked house of Jewish tenant. In 1754 Radomyshl was plunder again – Jewish shops burned and 4 Jews were killed.

Radomyshl map by 1913