Rokitne is an urban-type settlement located on the Ros River in Kiev region. It is the administrative center of Rokytnianskyi district. In 2001, population was 13,790.

In the XIX-early XX centuries, it was a shtetl Rakitne of Vasilkov uyezd, Kiev governorship.

The town of Rokitne had already been known before 1518, owned at that time by Prince Ostrozkiit. In the XVII century, Rokitne was a remarkable settlement with a palace in it. In the mid of May 1648, Kazaks and Tatars captured Rakitnoye and destroyed the local Jewish community.
In 1683, Rokitne belonged to landlord Gurskii.

I couldn’t find any facts of the history of Jews in Rakitne from the pre-revolutionary period 🙁

Old Jewish house in the center of Rokitne
Old Jewish house in the center of Rokitne

In 1905, workers of Rakitne carried out a pogrom but it was put down by local peasants.
In February 1919, peasants from Siniava attacked Rokitne. They robbed wealthy citizens and killed three Jews. Koval, a peasant from Siniava led the attack. On the 14th of August, when Bolsheviks had left the town, Koval, former head of the volost council Vikula Suk, and Larion Vanchenko became the leaders of the peasants. They made the Jewish population contribute 300 thousand roubles which the Jews paid the same day. The next day they were demanded to pay 40 thousand roubles more. This money was paid immediately.