Stepantsy is a village located in Kaniv district of Cherkassy region. The villag’s estimated population is 2,770 (as of 2007).
In XIX – beginning of XX century it was village of Kaniv uezd of Kiev gubernia.


The first mention of Jews in Stepantsy dates back to 1765, when 12 people lived here.

In 1845, Stepantsy was bought by Rogozinskiy for his daughter Antonina. She was married to Liudvik Klementyevich Khamets.

By 1863, the local population consisted of 2,370 Christians and 3,171 Jews.

In 1882, Jews were expelled from the village by the authorities. Jews could come back to the shtetl only after Kiev trader Iona Zaytsev had rented the land from the local Polish landlord Khamets in 1903.

PreRevolution school in Stepantsy
PreRevolution school in Stepantsy

The letter is invitation to wedding in Zolotonosha which was send to Burshtein , Stepantsy from 6 September 1891 (photo taken from kehilalinks)

In 1897, the total population of Stepantsy was 7,436 people, of which 3,389 were Jews. The rabbi of the community was Nachman He-Chasid.

In the early 20th century the majority of the enterprises and shops in Stepantsy belonged to Jews. They owned five synagogues as well.