Zhvanets is a town in Kamenets district of Khmelnitskiy region. The town’s estimated population is 1,529 (as of 2001). It is situated on the iver Dniester 20 kilometers away from the district center. It has been a town of Kamenets district since the mid 1920s.

Before Revolution it was a shtetl of Kamenets ueazd, Podolia gubernia.


The first mention of Zhvanets that appeared in historical record was in 1431. In 1646 the town received Magdeburg right.

It is known that there was a conflict between the Jews and bishop Chizhevskiy in 1663.

Zhvanets castle in the middle of XIX century
Zhvanets castle in the middle of XIX century

Jewish population of Zhvanets:
1765 – 1134 Jews
1784 – 617 Jews
1847 – 1619 Jews
1897 – 3353 (67% of total)
1902 – 3494 Jews
1923 – 1196 Jews
1926 – 1383 (40,2%)
1939 – 626 Jews
1989 – 5 Jews
1993 – 0

In 1768, the Jewish community of Zhvanets was robbed by the Haydamaky (a popular uprising of ethnic Ukrainians against the Polish magnate). In 1770, the Greeks and the Armenians left the shtetl after a devastating epidemic of the plague. Zhvanets was exempted from all the duties and payments for 12 years. Jews started to settle in Zhvanets around this time.