Zvenigorodka is a city and district center in Cherkassy region. The city’s estimated population is 17,400 (as of 2016).

It was first mentioned in the historical record in 1545. According to another version, it existed during the Kievan Rus period. In 1569 Zvenigorodka was in Kiev district, Kiev province in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1793. In the XIX-early XX centuries Zvenigorodka was a district town of Kiev gubernia.


In 1765, there is mention of a single Jewish tenant living in Zvenyhorodka among 134 homes in the village.

In the late XVIII century almost all the inns, mills, and distilleries of Zvenigorodka were rented by the Jews. The names of the tenants are present in Polish documents from 1792: Mendel Shmuylovich, Chaim Mortkovich, Moshko Genikhovich, Yankel and Leyzor Peysakhovich, Abram Mortkovich, Moshko Leybovich, Moysa Fabishovich, Abel Leybkovich, Runin Zelmanovich, Eli Davidovich, Mortko Peysakhovich, Chaim Leyzorovich. The list of names in these Polish documents contain only given names and patronymics as Jews were not assigned surnames until the beginning of the XIX century.

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