Tagancha is a village in Ukraine in Kanev district, Cherkassy region. The settlement’s estimated population is 1,413 (as of 2001).
In XIX – beginning of XX century it was a shtetl of Kanev Yezd of Kiev Gubernia.


Tagancha first appears on the map of the territory adjusted to Kiev in the early XV century. We can assume that Jews appeared in Tagancha at the beginning of the XVI century but there isn’t any documentary evidence. During Bohdan Khmelnitskiy’s uprising (1648-1654) neighboring Kanev was the center of Kanev regiment. The Jewish community was supposedly destroyed by Cossacks during this time.

Tagancha in the middle of XIX century on the painting of Napoleon Orda
Tagancha in the middle of XIX century on the painting of Napoleon Orda

In 1750, the Haydamaky detachment led Aleksey Liakh killed one Jewish trader who served the Polish gentry. This is the first mention in historical record of the Tagancha Jewish community.

In 1678, Tagancha became the property of great Polish magnate Volodymyr Pototskyy. In 1742 the town changed ownership to magnate Mykhaylo Vyshnevetskyy. The Jews came back to the village together with the Poles.

There are no records about what happened the Jewish community during this period. According to Pokhilevich, in 1863 there were 2,225 Orthodox Christians, 358 Jews and 85 Roman Catholics in Tahancha. In the late 19th century, the Jewish community numbered 953 people (21% of total population).